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British Championships 2007



GM elect Jacob Aagaard wins the British Championship.


Jacob Aagaard has won the British Championship 2007 with a score of 8½/11 and the title goes to Scotland for the fourth year in succession. He beat Glenn Flear in a long complicated game in round 11 but always had an edge, sacrificed the exchange, opened up White's castled King and never looked back. Stephen Gordon played an inspired game against Kosten but could only draw after letting the advantage slip. He was visibly distraught when he saw Flear resign thinking he had missed out on the GM title but he was in for an very nice surprise at the prizegiving when he was told otherwise. Jonathan Rowson finished with a nice win which gave him a share of second place. With Keti Arakhamia-Grant taking her fourth successive women's championship too the Scottish players will again be delighted. Final Scores: 1 Aagaard 8½/11, 2-3 Gordon, Rowson 8, 4-7 Kosten, Hebden, Haslinger, Howell 7½, etc. Final Crosstable. Download all games in PGN. View games in Chesstheatre.


The Championships were held at Great Yarmouth College. This was an excellent venue, probably the best for years. On site facilities, internet access, rest areas, gardens and catering were first class. The college staff were extremely supportive and took tremendous pride in hosting the championships.

Opening Ceremony - Mon 30.7.07 14.00

All smiles as the Mayor Paul Garrod, alongside ECF President Jerry Walsh and the Mayoress, pose after making the opening move 1.d4 for defending champion GM Jonathan Rowson at the start of Round 1.


Great Yarmouth College Principal Robin Parkinson welcomes everyone to the Championships on behalf of his staff and colleagues.


GM David Howell receives a certificate from ECF President Gerry Walsh as the first recipient of the John Robinson Fellowship.

Round 1 - Mon 30.7.07


Martin Walker (left) v IM Stephen Gordon (0-1).


IM Simon Williams v Ian Snape (1-0). Further along IM Stewart Haslinger plays Don Mason.


GM Mark Hebden plays 4NCL webmaster FM Peter Sowray (1-0).


The audience settle down for a long afternoon in front of the top boards.


The Major Open also started each day at 14.15.


In the mornings several junior events took place during both weeks of the Championships.

Great Yarmouth pedestrian precinct

Round 2 - Tue 31.7.07


GM Glenn Flear v GM Jonathan Rowson (1-0).


IM Jacob Aagaard v GM Mark Hebden (1-0).


Stephen Barrett and GM David Howell meet in round 2. The 1-0 result was a major surprise.


GM Nick Pert v IM Stewart Haslinger (1-0).

Round 3 - Wed 01.8.07


GM Jonathan Rowson in play against David Adams.


Further along in the main tournament hall other Championships games set underway.

Photo right: Nearest the camera is WFM Alexandra Wilson.



IM Kete Arakhamia-Grant awaits the

arrival of her opponent Charles Storey (0-1).


Veteran John Sugden competed in the

Major Open this year.

Round 4 - Thur 02.8.07


Michael White v IM Simon Williams (½-½). Further along GM Glenn Flear straightens the white pieces.


IM Stephen Gordon and IM Graeme Buckley alongside IM Simon Knott playing white against GM Mark Hebden.


A fiercely competitive sprit ran throughout the tournament even on the lower boards.


The Major Open, played alongside the British Championship, was again extremely popular this year.

Round 5 - Fri 03.8.07


Peter Constantinou


Philip Makepeace in play against IM Simon Knott (½-½)


The frown tells it all. Andrew Lewis in difficulties

early on in his game against GM Mark Hebden (1-0).


IM Susan Lalic


IM Stewart Haslinger (left) v Michael White (1-0).


GM Tony Kosten (left) in play against a very studios GM Glenn Flear (½-½).


Lots of laughs and fun at the first (friday) prizegiving held to celebrate achievements in week 1, as always in the commentary room. IM Andrew Martin (light blue shirt) and FIDE International arbiter Peter Purland (yellow top) together with Kevin Staveley (leaning) and Manager of Congress Chess FIDE International arbiter David Welch (blue top) join a crowded room of onlookers and proud parents.  


Round 6 - Sat 04.8.07


IM Kete Arakhamia-Grant v GM Mark Hebden (½-½).


IM Jacob Aagaard v GM Jonathan Rowson on Bd1. The game was drawn.


GM Conquest v IM Haslinger. This was a fine win for Haslinger who won his next two games. One of which was against the eventual winner Aagaard.


GM Kosten prepares himself for a tough encounter with GM Nick Pert (½-½).

Top centre is Rudy Van Kemenade and nearer David Wise plays WFM Alexandra Wilson (0-1). 


Don Mason


GM Nick Pert

Sunday - 05.8.07

The Gardens at the National Shrine, Walsingham, Norfolk.

The famous Slipper Chapel.

Information boards detail the remarkable history dating back to 1061.

Blickling Hall, Norfolk.

One of England's great Jacobean houses, it is famed for its spectacular long gallery.

The current Blickling Hall was built on the ruins of the old Boleyn property in the reign

of James I. Facilities include an RAF museum, shop, restaurant and manuscript library. 

Built in the early 17th century. The Hall is set in an

historic park with many beautiful woodland and lakeside walks.

There are 22 hectares (55 acres) of herbaceous borders,

topiary yew hedges, lawns, wilderness, orangery, temple and lake.

Popular all year round, the fabulous gardens are definitely worth seeing.

And the very picturesque lake is full of 'busy' ducks.

Round 7 - Mon 06.8.07


IM Williams and IM Aagaard meet on bd1 (0-1).


GM Rowson plays GM Kosten (½-½).


GM's Pert and Flear in good spirits before plays starts(½-½).


Webcams on boards 1 and 2 were a very popular innovation with the online audience.


WFM Alexandra Wilson


A determined looking IM Dagne Ciuksyte.

Sarah Cormican playing in the 5-Day Open, afternoon Week 2.

Round 8 - Tue 07.8.07


IM Aagaard v IM Haslinger. This was another fine win for Stewart Haslinger (0-1).


GM's Kosten and Hebden (½-½). Kosten remained undefeated during the entire event.


IM Stephen Gordon looking relaxed.


IM Simon Williams ready to start play.


GM David Howell


Former British Champion and local

resident IM Robert Bellin.


Marissa Stenning (left) and Lynsey Shovlin competed in the 5-Day Open, afternoon Week 2.

Round 9 - Wed 08.8.07


Friends and England's latest GM's Stewart Haslinger and Stephen Gordon (½-½).


David Howell faces a determined Jacob Aagaard (0-1).


GM Mark Hebden with his usual 1.d4.


GM Gormally in play against FM Jack Rudd who went on to win a fine game with a sharp kingside attack (1-0).

Stephen Orton (left) alongside Oliver Jackson (white top) as he plays and wins against

FM David Ledger. All three players went on to share first prize in the Major Open with 8½/11.  


Ivan Stokes v Martin Walker (½-½).


Marissa Stenning v Susan Chadwick (right) during the 5-Day Open, afternoon Week 2.

Round 10 - Thur 09.8.07


Aagaard and Gordon eventually meet, Stephen played a fine game and won (0-1).


FM Rudd in play against GM Rowson (0-1). An oversight by Jack at end of a combination forced his resignation.


Unbeaten GM Tony Kosten v GM-elect Stewart Haslinger (1-0).


GM David Howell (left) plays IM Thomas Rendle (0-1).


GM Mark Hebden in play against Stuart Conquest (0-1).


David Eggleston v unbeaten Robert Bellin.

Round 11 - Fri 10.8.07

Jacob Aagaard, happy to pose before play starts.


Tony Kosten v Stephen Gordon (½-½).


Jonathan Rowson about to start play in his 'must win' game v Nick Pert (1-0).


Stewart Haslinger (black pieces) v GM Mark Hebden. A long and fascinating game, eventually drawn.


The last round games were played in the same competitive spirit as round 1.

Prizegiving - Sat 11.8.07 9.30am

Local MP Anthony Wright begins the prizegiving ceremony with

a thank you to the competitors, organisers and college staff. 


The British Championship Trophy


Left, Boys British U18 Trophy and right,

Girls British U18 trophy.


British Ladies Championship Trophy


Several Junior Trophies were also awarded.  

British Seniors Championship Trophy


The Dundee Discovery Trophy awarded annually to the winner of the Major Open. Inside the box is a delicately carved chess set.


The Boxall Salver, awarded by the Manager of the Congress for services to chess.


David Howell receiving his U18 Trophy.


Selina Khoo receives her British U18



FM David Ledger proudly accepts the Dundee Trophy. First place was shared between himself, Oliver Jackson and Stephen Orton.  


GM's Mark Hebden, Tony Kosten and David Howell receiving their prizes for share of 4th place.


GM's elect Stephen Gordon and Stewart Haslinger proudly

receive their prizes and their GM norm certificates to rapturous applause.


GM Jonathan Rowson receives his share of second place (he scored 8/11).


Lara Barnes, surprised and delighted, receives the Boxall Salver from David Welch for her services to chess.

IM Ketevan Arakhamia-Grant receiving the British Ladies Championship Trophy.

GM elect Jacob Aagaard happy to accept his first prize, a cheque for £5000 and the Championship Trophy.


All Photos SJConnor 2007. Use freely.

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