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European Open Championship 2006
EU06Ch 2006
Liverpool Chess International 2007 (UK China match)
LCI 2007
Liverpool Chess International 2008

Popular sites

Tim Mann's pages - A great resource for anyone interested on chess engines.
ChessVibes - Fantastic website with the latest chess news and videos from around the world.
BWCA - British Women's Chess Association's new website.

London Chess Centre - Malcolm Pein's online chess shop.  

Chessopolis - Game Collections by player in PGN format and much more.

Chessbase - The world renown chess news site.

TWIC: The Week in Chess - UK based site of chess news from around the world.

Net Chess News - World chess news - daily ezine.

ICC: The Internet Chess Club - The best chess server in the world

Chess Today - Alex Baburin's online magazine site.

The Chess Oracle - Chess News from Around the World.

Chess Cafe - US based online chess magazine and shop.

Britbase - BCM's own game collections for free download. Excellent.

Chess Curiosities - Tim Krabbe's outstanding site will keep you amused for hours.

World Championship - Includes games and full FIDE Wch history and more.

Chess History - Edward Winters chess notes archives. Fantastic.

Chessmetrics - A site devoted to statistics about chess. 

Super Tournaments - Free games downloads from the super tournaments.

Olimpbase - The history of chess olympiads. Wonderfully detailed.

USChess - US chess history archive directory.

Chess Endgames - Downloads, endgame lessons and events.

Chess Records Management - A comprehensive and historical chess library.

Chess Variants - A site dedicated to variations of the great game.

Legends of Chess - Biographies of the great chess players.

Marshall Chess Club - A great site about the famous New York based chess club

On the Origins of Chess - The riddle is discussed as to who? where? when? Why?

On the Square - The Campbell report. Devoted to correspondence chess.

ChessUp.Net - ChessUp is an excellent online chess diagram tool.


Newspaper chess columns

The Washington Post 

Saturday Telegraph

Daily Telegraph

Sunday Telegraph

Evans on Chess

Times Online


International Chess

ECF - English Chess Federation official site.

Chess Scotland - Scottish chess official site.

WCU - Welsh Chess Union official site.

Irish Chess Online - Official site for Irish chess.

FIDE - World Chess Federation website.

USChess Online - US Chess Federation official site.

Russian Chess - Excellent site about chess in Russia.

Hungarian Chess Federation - How's your Hungarian? Try this innovative site.

Australian Chess News - All you need to know about the great game down under.

French Chess Federation - French chess news and articles. Very classy site.



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